Why Should You Switch Your Web Designs From PSD To HTML

A business website which represents an online brand should account for the best possible appearance and usability. Converting the PSD designs to highly responsive HTML5 aims to deliver a professional looking websites with an amazing design. With such a website, a business can expect a rise in conversion rate and get  high profits.

It need a certain level of patience and technical expertise to convert PSD to HTML5 and only the right tools and resources need to be practiced. For the best results, you should look for HTML5 and CSS conversion experts and ensure some basic aspects, which we will discuss in this article.

Converting the static PSD files to responsive HTML5 will help you in creating the websites which are compatible with all the major web browsers. This ensures that a website is not restricted for a certain number of browser and can be accessed from Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. Faster loading time can be made possible with the help of hand coded markup, hence giving a memorable user experience.

A premium quality slicing will split the design files into smaller elements such as header, footer, logo, banner etc. This will allow the developer to give individual attention to all the elements to make a unique web design for viewers.

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Adobe Photoshop features many files like fonts, pictures, backgrounds and the standard PSD files. To keep the conversion process systematic and avoid misplacing any of the files, it is important that the related files should be arranged and saved in labeled folders. If the PSD files are organized, then it will reduce the time required to complete the conversion process. It is easier to pick a file from the labeled folder when they are arranged precisely.

Before you flag off the conversion process, you should plan the final layout of the website. You can either go with a responsive or a fixed or mobile web layout. Responsive layout will let your website be flexible as per different screens of mobile devices and desktops. With a mobile layout design, you can target the trending smartphones and tablets. The fixed web layout features a fixed width and height. This is ideal for desktops and laptops.

Today, there are a lot of automated applications which can convert PSD images into HTML file. Yet, it is advised to opt for the hand codes for your website when converting into HTML. The reason behind it is that the codes generated from such tools consists of errors and bugs. On the other hand, with hand coding, you can get rid of such bugs or any code smells and the website can be made lighter for quick loading.

It is necessary that the team of designers you hire should experienced in converting PSD to error-free HTML. Otherwise, your website might face crash reports or bugs and you would have to start all over. Responsiveness is essential with such conversions and if your website is able to load faster, you can easily get a big chunk of targeted traffic.

This type of HTML conversions has become quite popular these days. It is important that the technologies and tools should be used for conversion. Although the method for creating PSD files remains same, the process for converting such files is being advancing with every passing day. A website should be able to load as fast as possible, which is possible only with HTML conversion.


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