Why is online PSD conversion is not good for web development?

There are many free online tools available in the market to convert PSD files into HTML/CSS markup attracting people to save their time and cost but in reality, it could eventually be a waste of both. Online PSD to HTML converters work in a way following a few specific strict patterns. It won’t be right to compare hand-written code with online generated HTML markup as hand coding is far better due to numerous reasons.

Therefore, experts suggest that online PSD to HTML services is not a good option at all. Given below are some disadvantages of using the web-based software for the purpose of PSD conversion process.

Lack of Pixel Perfect Slicing

The biggest drawback of using online converter is the lack of pixel perfect slicing. Alternatively, when professional front-end experts convert PSD files into HTML markup, the focus is more on pixel perfect coding as it is an essential part of the highest quality markup. Even sometimes, online tools slice the whole PSD file just in 2/3 images which are really a negative approach.

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Low-Quality Coding

The online software generates hard to code and that is the biggest negativity of using these tools. Hard coded HTML can never meet the HTML coding standards. If you check the quality of software generated HTML you will find it lowest quality code which is not suitable for professional web projects especially when it has to be integrated to CMSs and Complex Admin Panels.

W3C Validation Issues

World Wide Web Consortium validator is the world finest quality checker of HTML markup. When you check the validation of software generated HTML, It’s hard to get approval from W3C validator which means lower rankings in Search Engines and Load time issues.

Difficult to Edit & Enhance

Online tools to convert the design to the code are very difficult to edit or enhance later by a Human/developer. All experienced and professional HTML developers agreed that online generated markup is very difficult to edit and it takes too much time in editing or not re-usable at all due to extensive Junk Code. Therefore, online tools are not recommended by professional front-end developers.

Cross Devices & Cross-Browsers Compatibility Issues

Mobile responsive markup is an essential thing in PSD to HTML conversion. HTML code generated by tools is not of greatest quality responsive HTML and can create issues for cross browsers and devices compatibility.


After reading the above-mentioned points, it will be good if you avoid online converters for PSD to HTML conversion as these could be fatal for your time and money. Especially when Google is highly concerned about W3C standards, responsiveness, and code levels of your website, tools can never generate expected HTML and one has to hire professional front-end developers for fixations.


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